By isocal

(R-L > MKSHFT, PCH(Piff California Herrera) aka Piff, Cairo, Ta’East, Early the MC)

Name: MKSHFT(Makeshift)
City: San Diego
Style: Cortez rockin lyrical assasin that will bite your F**kin head off
Peep: No Doze Mixtape > > Download here

Name: Ta’East
City: San Diego by way of Kentucky
Style: Laid back spitter with a distinct voice whose ryhmes are about as fresh as the shoes on his feet.
Peep: How you think I feel > > Download here
Peep: Crooks & Castles > > Download here

Name: PCH(Piff California Herrera) aka Piff
City: San Diego
Style: Energized MC who’s wordplay can’t be descirbed in words & culprit of the phrase, “1x(One Time!!!)”
Peep: Get in my Belly feat. MKSHFT > > Download here

Name: Early the MC
City: San Diego by way of DC
Style: Soft Spoken Mic Fiend who will blow right over your head if you slip up..A Quiet Storm
Peep: Too Cool > > Download here
Peep: Escape feat. Tariq > > Download here
Peep: Freaks feat. Omar 10.0 > > Download here
Peep: Indian Giver feat. Tariq  > > Download here

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